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trait technologies, inc.  // medtrait® and greentrait™


welcome to trait technologies

we believe that precision medicine is an essential component of modern healthcare. when designed and implemented properly, tools that support targeted and personalized treatment can help reduce overall risk and achieve better patient outcomes.

trait's software is designed to assist the healthcare community by quickly identifying and evaluating some of the most important potential risk areas when managing treatment.

MedTrait® is a laboratory report and interpretation solution which combines pharmacogenetics, drug interactions, duplicate therapy awareness, demographics and lifestyle factors into a powerful medication and risk information platform, offering healthcare providers a tool for personalized medicine, leading to better patient outcomes.

GreenTrait™ gives doctors the real time tools they need to introduce cannabis to a patient's therapeutic regimen, help mitigate potential interactions with other medication and better manage patient care.

these solutions integrate seamlessly with professional healthcare environments and offer precision medicine insight with a high level of scientific integrity and actionable clinical utility.

visit our product pages to learn more. or contact us to see how our solutions can work for you.


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